NewsWire Club is a trusted source for digital advertisements for the famous CoffeeNews (Tm) newspaper around the world.

We provide the following print services:

  • Digital Printing (not offset printing) of 8.5″ X 11 (double-sided)
  • Digital Prining of 11″ X 17 duplex (double sided)
  • Paper folding
    • Bi Fold
    • Tri Fold
    • Envelope Stuff

We have preferred pricing at STAPLES USA and STAPLES CANADA for mass quantity distribution. This is part of being part of Coffee News.

Please contact us for preferred pricing and for local printing.

Shipping rates are standardized in quantities of 2500 sheets of 11×17, or 5000 sheets of 8.5X11. Within USPS it is a standard $25 per 2500 or 5000 respectively within continental USA (excluding Alaska, and NOT Hawaii). It is roughly 43 pounds.

We will not ship with greyhound as there is a “to-door” cost from the station to the door.


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